In 2018 Ink Wangthamrong and Dr. Sascha Helbardt joined to re-invent fitness and health food in Thailand. We started Ceel because the normal on-shelf fitness products that are available in Thailand often contain unnecessary chemical ingredients and make unrealistic claims. There is no wonder pill that makes you slim or builds your six-pack while you sleep. Your fitness success is determined by what you eat and how you exercise: 70% is nutrition and 30% is exercise.

We believe that fitness food should help you to achieve your personal aim – whether you want to lose weight, gain muscles, run a marathon or simply lift-up your health. That is why develop and produce fitness products based on the latest knowledge in nutritional and sport science that is adapted to your personal needs: pure performance food without unnecessary chemical ingredients.​

Together with personal coaches and nutritionists we developed a body check. Here you can find out what your really need in order to be in top shape. In addition to that our Thai-German expert team helps you to achieve your personal aims: we provide you with tips for your fitness training and your nutrition. Check out our website or contact us directly at ​

S—Sincere :

We don’t promise you another “wonder pill” that makes you slim, sexy or builds up your six-pack while you sleep. What you eat and how you exercise determines your success: 70% is nutrition and 30% is training. This takes a bit of discipline, but it will definitely will pay-off. Your CEEL-team is here to advice you and to be your kick-ass coach on this journey. ​

M—Match Your Need :

There is no “one size fits all” in fitness and sport nutrition. We all eat differently and we all exercise differently. CEEL is here because we believe you have the right to customize your fitness & health food according according to your personal aims. Try our “body check” to see what your nutrional needs are and which fitness food package we can arrange just for you.​

A—Absorbable :

All our products have ingredients for your health and fitness. But this is only half of the story. We choose active ingredients that not only look good on paper. For us it is important that your body can actually absorb the nutritional function of our Protein Products, natural Sacha Inchi Products and Food Supplements.​

R—Ready for Eating :

We know that your day is busy enough. So we provide you with easy-to-use products and tasty recipes. Simply try our nutty Omega-3 oil with a tasty fruit salad or in a refreshing banana smoothie. Boost your health with just a tablespoon of liquid superfood. Our idea is simple: Your food should fit you & your lifestyle. ​

T—Top Quality :

Many producers of “functional food” enhance their products with artificial vitamins or minerals. Consuming too much of these chemical and highly-processed additives is uncessary to achieve your aim and can even have negative effects on your body. We use naturally functional ingredients and process our products carefully: Did you know that CEEL’s Omega-3 Sacha Inchi Oil is cold-pressed is our own factory? ​