Salad And Fish With Fresh Orange-Mustard Sauce

Ingredients for 1 person: total energy of 198 kcal

19 g.

11 g.

10 g.

Salad Dressing total energy 98 kcal

Fresh Orange Juice 100 %60 ml.30 kcal
Mustard1 tsp.3 kcal
Salt1 pinch-
Sugar1 tsp.20 kcal
Sacha Inchi Oil by CELL (or any other Omega-3 rich oil)1 tsp.45 kcal

Vegetable Salad 70 g. total energy 28 kcal

(Add any vegetables that you like in your salad: lettuce, rocket salad, tomato, carrot, olives etc.)

Fried fish40 g.72 kcal
Or Fried Chicken40 g.98 kcal


  1. Wash and prepare salad mix.
  2. Fry fish or chicken (we recommend a saturated oil like palm oil for frying).
  3. Put the fish/chicken on your salad mix.
  4. Prepare your own healthy salad sauce: Mix mustard and fresh orange juice in a pan and warm up carefully for 2 or 3 minutes.
  5. Cool down the salad sauce for 5 min and add Sacha Inchi oil.
  6. Pour your salad sauce over the dish.
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