Mixed Fruits Yogurt

Ingredients for 1 person, total energy of 339 kcal

67.5 g.

6 g.

5 g.

Yogurt Low fat135 g.80 kcal
Sasha Inchi Oil by CEEL (or any other Omega-3 rich oil)1 tsp.45 kcal
Banana1/2 banana60 kcal
Passion fruit1/2 passion fruit17 kcal
Orange1/2 orange30 kcal
Strawberry5 strawberries30 kcal
Cherry5 cherries30 kcal
Cereal grains10 g.47 kcal


  1. Clean and cut all fruits.
  2. Mix fruits with yoghurt, oil and cereal in a big bowl.
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